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Lobster Season

In just two short week the 2012 lobster season will have begun and I would say that all the traps will be fishing by this point in the day. The Prince Edward Island lobster season is a two month season that is a free for all type of season ….. We are allowed to catch as many as we can in the two month season , it usually is about 53 hauls (hauling all 300 traps daily) for the season ….weather is usually a huge factor as well with us losing a total of seven days because of in climate weather during the season of 2011… there was also a lot of east wind which cools the water temp and the lobsters stop traveling and feeding so the season was not as good as others….Paradise on the Sea Adventures will be offering a fully interactive and hands on adventure for the 2012 season….So book early and be sure you have a spot either during the lobster season or one of our adventures during the summer months….Till then keep your lines wet!

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